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Welcome, bienvenido, bienvenu, willkommen Kwik 1.8!

As announced last week in the newsletter, version 1.8 is live now! As part of my commitment to all of you, I have announced the features and even blogged about some of them. Here goes the final list of new resources you have now into Kwik:

  • Multi-language: The past blogs showed how to use the new feature. This is a major one, requested since the beginning of Kwik. It took a while to me to figure out how to design it in an easier way (please send me your feedback) but I am pretty confident this is as simple as possible to do in Photoshop;
  • Canvas interaction: The simplest way to create coloring/painting activities. Another top requested feature from storybook authors. If you missed the video, check it here:
  • Preview log: Now it is easier to find errors during Preview time. When previewing, the debug icon turns red, returning to grey if the export process finishes well. If not, simply click the red bug icon and you will see a log with step-by-step information on where the process stopped;
  • Audio around pages: Another very requested feature, you can have now audio running in multiple pages (in this case the audio file is not disposed when changing pages – use with moderation Smile)
  • International Sync text and audio: If you are in a country were people read from right to left, the updated sync feature (with a click of button) will bring piece of mind to you;
  • Blink widget: Easily creates an animation simulating the blink effect;
  • Visual clue for the current page: It is much easier now to focus your work on the component view, with the visual clue of the current page you are working on;
  • Nook and Amazon Fire export: Templates for Nook and Fire are available now;

I hope you enjoy and take advantage of the new features. Looking forward to see your new apps. Saying that, happy holidays to you all. 2012 promises to be an amazing year to Kwik. I will keep you posted in January!