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Understanding the Sync feature

Few weeks ago I blogged about how to use the Sync feature (new in version 1.7). Since them I got several feedbacks for improvements, which will come with release 1.8 (at this moment a few users are testing it). They are:

  • better highlight (not blinking as the current version anymore);
  • option to define if the language used reads from left to right (default) or right to left (this is critical for languages like Arabic and Japanese, for example);

I would like to take the opportunity also to clarify a few things while using this feature:

  • the text layer is exported as text, not as an image. It means that the positioning and format will NOT be the same as you see in your Photoshop composition. This is due the fact each word of your text will export independently, with the distance between them defined by the ‘padding’ parameter;
  • you need to select a button to play the audio sequence again. If you do not do it, Kwik will automatically add a button in the beginning of your first line;
  • You must setup Flash accordingly (follow the instructions here), otherwise the highlight color you pick will always return to black;
  • text in a paragraph alignment will NOT export correctly. You need to hit ‘RETURN’ or ‘ENTER’ at the end of each line (see image below);
  • Always test your project in the device, to guarantee positioning and font are correctly installed. Sometimes you may need to change the padding parameter to get close of the correct positions;

In this example (text was written in a paragraph):

The preview will show:

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.38.54 PM

The way to correct it is to add a “RETURN” after the words “is” and “witch”. Doing that, the preview will show:

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.37.30 PM

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