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Interview with Çağatay Hamamcıoğlu

Yesterday I talked to Çağatay, from Digibiz (Turkey), producer of the gorgeous Çöp İmparatoru (The Garbage Emperor, not available in English yet). Below, his words about the app, future projects and some pressure on me Smile. Hope you enjoy!

Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company
We have been around since 2003, mainly doing mainstream publishing and advertising. Recently we start to follow interactive story telling and become fascinated with what it can accomplish in terms of telling a story. So we have decided to focus on interactive stories recently and published our first one.


What is the app about?
Çöp İmparatoru (The Garbage Emperor) is about this cute girl Lala, very curious, not very found of peas, who ends up in an adventure in the land of the garbage emperor. In more than 20 pages, you get plenty of interaction and the option to listen to the story too. We are hoping to create further stories around Lala in the future.

iPad Screenshot 4

How Kwik helped you to build it? Any favorite features?
Our path with Kwik coincided when we decided to utilize Corona SDK, which has a lot of attributes from the gaming world. We are hoping Alex will put more good stuff into Kwik, so we can continue to amaze our audience not only with good illustrations, but also eye dropping, imaginative interactivity.

Any trick/tip you would like to share?
Story telling can be an easy and difficult at the same time. Story should be very simple and plain, but the layers of interactivity you build on top of if should communicate with all aspects of the project.

What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?
Kwik and its master Alex has been providing enough support, we are very in sync with the updates and the road plan.

What is next for you and your company?
More stories, more fun, hopefully when multi-language feature becomes available, we will be able to share our stories with people around the world


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