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Interview with Francisco Fernandez

Today I chat with Francisco, from Samafra Games, Kwik beta-tester and developer of The Talkative Cloud (and its Spanish version La Nube Parlachina). In this interview, Francisco talks about his experience creating his first app with Kwik. Enjoy!

Alex) Tell a little bit about you and your company
2011-06 057

Well, I’m Francisco Fernandez and I live in Spain, I have already a whopping 45 years and for more than 20 I’m in computer science. I have gone through many stages in my work. I started programming in Cobol for several years before Java appeared and I jumped into this new language. Besides, I’ve also programmed in other languages, such as HTML, JSP, JavaScript, PHP and I guess some more. More than 20 years dedicated to this are for many languages. The vast majority of self-taught (knowledge does not take place).

Currently I am performing functions of “Project Leader” in a multinational consulting firm.
Samafra born 8 years ago. It consists of, let me think, only 1 person, ie me. Its main function was to register domains and rent hosting. I wanted to have some extra work outside the usual and it seemed appropriate to this type of business. Less than 1 year, I get my hands on an iPhone 4 and was very surprised of the quality of applications and especially games. I seemed to be playing with a console so fluid and the graphics had.

Started looking for information on how the games were scheduled for this type of device, not surprisingly, took me to Objective-C. I thought a programmer, I would be very difficult to know the language but every time I tried to introduce more in, more complex and far-fetched it seemed. A little disappointed, reading a comment on a forum dedicated to IOS, someone made a comment about something called CoronaSDK. Locate information and I get to the website where it was commented that multi-platform, which they used a language called Lua which was similar to JavaScript. This caught my attention because I knew JavaScript. I started to look at their examples and the code and saw the light. Since then, I’m using CoronaSDK to program. I have 2 games already published in the AppStore, “As Brain” and “Scared Fluffy”, apart from a couple of half-abandoned projects because I have done to convince. Now I’m finishing an interactive book “The Talkative Cloud” written by a friend named Montserrat Rabat.

What is The Talkative Cloud about?

The writer Montserrat Rabat has created this story which aims pedagogical to introduce the child to have notion that our planet Earth, has two movements, the translation and rotation. For that reason there are four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. They raised the child educationally, visual and interactive in a fun and entertaining while they learn.


How Kwik helped you to build it? Any favorite features?

As usual, I follow CoronaSDK forum, I saw a post announcing that someone, our good friend Alex, had made a plugin for Photoshop called Kwik, which generates the necessary code in Lua language and ready to compile, from psd files. I tested the plugin for a few days and to see how easy, fast and effective it was becoming Kwik. So, I decided to propose to my writer friend if it seemed good to work together to develop one of their stories for mobile devices.

Kwik is really impressive when it comes to saving time spent on programming, even if you have experience at it. The Kwik’s learning curve is very small, in a few days if not hours, can you move through the different options. One that impressed me most is the path animations, actions and sharing objects.


What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?

The experience of working with Kwik is very positive because the product meets its job too well when it comes to saving time and effort as well as the people who developed it. Support is 100% effective because you can discuss your questions in the forum they have in their website or email. I have not had any problems when asking for help at some particular point. The activity is taking constant updates with new features and having very into account the opinion of the users.

What is next for you and your company?

My intention is to continue working in this line of programs. Having regard to the result you’re getting with “The Talkative Cloud” continue working with Montserrat for creating more interactive books of his stories. Kwik be a fundamental part in these developments.
In parallel, the line will also continue in game development standards and finally, begin to develop applications that are not games, generic utilities and client/server communications.

Thanks Francisco. Looking forward to hear more from you!

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  • Hi!
    I am a new Kwik user. This is a very interesting interview. Francisco, I was just wondering how you handle the multi-language option with Kwik since it’s not (yet) a native functionnality?
    Thanks, and good luck with this nice app!

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