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Good news…

First of all, I would like to apologize for spamming your inbox last Saturday. When I figured out that Path Animation couldn’t handle Sprite Sheets or Movie Clips, I promptly decide to re-write all affected modules to make this great new feature ready for all kinds of scenarios. Having in mind the amount of lines of code to re-write, my decision was to keep you posted that version 1.6 would be postponed and that previous projects should not be compatible anymore. Shame on me!

With a fresh mind, I could re-write everything during the Sunday, and get the Beta ready for a few great testers. They have been great helping me to find/fix bugs, also providing suggestions that have improved even more the Path Animation feature.


Path Animation window in Beta 2 (new parameters were added in Beta 4)

If you missed the tutorial on how to create path animations with Kwik, take a look at this video (the final version brings even more options for paths):

Learning how to create your first path animation with Kwik


Today I finally delivered the last beta build to Kwik’s testers. It includes a hidden but important feature, which automatically converts projects done with previous versions to the new file format. Compatibility works! Again, my apologies if the “Kwiksher Update” scared you.

So, you may have 2 big questions now:

1) Why the file format changed and how it affects my projects?

With Kwik 1.6, Sprite Sheets and Movie Clips are handled differently. In the past (meaning current version), when you create a, for example, Sprite Sheet animation, you automatically create also a Linear animation (the “End position” panel does that for you). The same happens for Movie Clip animations. With an auto “Linear” animation created, you are not able to add a Sprite Sheet into a Path animation.

In the new version, the flow is different. In order to have a Movie Clip or Sprite Sheet in your project, you need to follow these steps:

  • Pick a layer that will be replaced by a Sprite Sheet or Movie Clip;
  • Select the Sprite Sheet or Movie Clip replacement icon (same icon as in the previous versions);
  • Fill out the info required;
  • Now, pick Linear or Path animation icon, and point to the layer you want;

Although it is different than the current way you use Kwik, this new process makes more sense and will quickly allow the implementation of future animation features.

2) When Kwik 1.6 will be available for all users?

With the new file format, I had to re-write the preview module (this is a big one!). It is now better coded and much faster than the previous one. Therefore, chances are bugs can appear with the new bits, that’s why the beta testing program. Fortunately, things are running pretty well and I hope it goes live….




…(just a little of suspense) this Thursday, September 20th!

With the new bits, a new user guide is coming too, as well as some minor updates on the website.

Thanks again Thierry, Francisco, Robs, Chris, Selen and Travis for your support beta testing!

Looking forward for your great apps,


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