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Just an update

As you could see from the previous post, we are already working on the next release of our plugin. Your suggestions and our own list of desired features, have kept us very busy.

The survey some of you answered, clearly defined the top 4 priorities we should focus on (I am excluding the Page Curl effect as it needs Ansca’s work) for the next releases. They were:

  • In-app purchase
  • Multi-language projects
  • Path animations
  • Random actions

Let me share where we are on these topics:

  • In-app purchase: we moved this to version 1.7 or later, mostly due the fact Corona does not offer this option for Android yet. Although Android is not the top platform for the majority of our customers, it is important to have it implement first by Ansca, then from us, otherwise we will have two different codes and, being small, we cannot afford that yet;
  • Multi-language projects: this also was moved to version 1.7 or later. We are still planning the best way to implement it. This is not a simple task due the fact we need to work not only with the layers from Photoshop, but also with external files (audio, sprite sheets, etc).
  • Path animations: this has been in the top list since version 1.0 and it was never so close to go live than now. Another not simple feature to implement, fortunately we have Carlos Icaza (yes, THE MAN behind Corona) helping us with some code. The moment we close a few things, we will make it live in version 1.6 (click “Carlos” link above and you will see how complex the thing is);
  • Random actions: this is already done and the sneak preview can be seen below. We rename it to “Shuffle”, and we believe this one will be a nice addition to Kwik’s arsenal.

Please let us know what you think about the news above.

Lastly, from September 1 to 12, I will be travelling abroad and may not be available some time. I will do my best to answer all requests every time I get connected. Thanks again for your understanding and support.



  • Random actions and paths will be stellar additions to Kwik. I’m amazed at how quickly new features are added and just how solid the product is. I’m making great progress on my first interactive children’s book using Kwik and already have several new titles in the planning stages.

    Great stuff Alex!

    • thanks for the words Rob. i wish i had more time to add more features. paths have been more complex than expected. i will keep you all posted on the progresses.

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