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Sneak preview and Morris Lessmore

If you, like me, is also a fan of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris (by Moonbot Studios), one of the most successful iPad books, you are in love with the interactions present in the app.

One of my favorites is the spinning house (you rotate the house with your finger):

With Kwik 1.6 already cooking, I got the sample code from ChunkyApps (available at the Sample Code are from Ansca’s website) and integrate it in the upcoming version. Check the first sneak preview:

Cool, no?

More about the next release in the next days.


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  • Happy 1st Anniversary Alex and Kwik I remember the few e-mail exneacghs we had and the first project you did the FIreworks exporter Now look at where you are. Congrats.Carlos.

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