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Interview with Jerry Pine

This week we chat with Jerry, from Psi Media Publishers, the forth published author using Kwik. Jerry is behind the My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook app, available at AppStore: http://itunes.apple.com/app/my-weekly-journal-scrapbook/id454803335?mt=8

Tell a little bit about you:
I’m a school psychologist with a former background in media production. I and my wife, who is a clinical psychologist and university professor, produced a few apps designed to run on PCs sometime back using the now defunct Macromedia Authorware and another authoring system called iShell, which is QT based and still available, I think. Our audience was the mental health community. With the downturn in the economy and the emergence of iOS apps, I made the decision to resurrect my production efforts, but this time focus on mobile apps. The business model is soooooo much better going through the iTunes store. Apple only takes 30% and offers a global distribution network. With the PC programs I created (CD ROM and DVD ROM), the distributors took 70% and their distribution network was badly crippled in comparison to the App Store. We will also make efforts to publish apps that fall into the “self-help” area of mental health, such as My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook app.

What is My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook about?
This application is designed to guide you through the process of journaling about an experience and take it to different levels throughout each week and then create at least one page in a scrapbook that mirrors your reflections for that week. This app is NOT designed to function as a journal for your iPad. The journaling process takes place with pen, a journal book, and various art supplies for creating a scrapbook. This app is designed to only provide some meaningful weekly ideas for journaling, which is harder than you might think.

Unlike other journaling guides which focus on a separate topic each and every day, My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook focuses on one topic per week. We feel that “depth” is far more important to the process than is a large number of individual topics.

The application is complete with a journal example that covers one week, as well as a scrapbook example that reflects the thoughts and feelings of the example week. We encourage the user to NOT impose upon his or herself a “regimen” that makes this process unpleasant. That is, you don’t have to journal all seven days. Make this journey fit your unique “personal” needs and maintain its meaningfulness as a result. This process is designed to represent your various memories in words (journaling) as well as visual images (scrapbooking).

How Kwik helped you to build it?
I’m not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, I could have eventually produced this app just using Corona and Textmate. But using Kwik and Photoshop was such a logical choice for me coming from an environment where apps are created using a GUI. Right now Kwik is the closest thing there is to a Corona GUI. The only hand coding I did was to rename the background images in 62 .lua files so as to cut down on the size for the app (I used the same background image for all my pages).*

*note: with Kwik 1.5 it is easy to use the same background in multiple pages with the Share Asset tool

What is your overall experience with us (product and services)?
Alex has been a real lifesaver! For example, one of my layers was named “return” for the button used to return to the previous page. When I sent my code in for support, Alex identified the problem right away. “Return” is a word you can’t use by itself. It’s a coding thing. ;-). Secondly, I have never owned a piece of software that received so many stable useful updates in such a short amount of time. I think these guys must drink a lot of coffee. 😉

What is next for you and your company?
More apps! I learned a lot doing my first app. And like my college Greek professor liked to say, “Anything is easy if you know how.” I expect my next app to use more types of media elements and be completed in less time.

Thanks Jerry for sharing your story! We are looking forward for your next ones!

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