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Our new user

Last June we had our first survey to learn better about our users (at that moment, Kwik was only a month and a half old). A few things have changed since then according our August’s survey (28 respondents). Here are our findings:

a) Most users (72%) are using Kwik for more than a month;

b) 72% of them are using Kwik to build storybook apps (this number was 61% in June);

c) 79% found us via Ansca’s communications (84% in June), meaning we are reaching more people from other vehicles (friends recommendation and search were mentioned a lot this time);

d) 64% are from the United States, with customers all around the world. In June, only 50% were from USA;

e) 29% have apps ready to be published in less than a month (this is really great);

This time we had 2 open questions: which feature people like the most and the most requested feature not available yet. The results are very similar to the original survey in June

1) Which feature people like the most?

Top one was Photoshop integration and how this speed up learning and project delivery. Animation was the second one most mentioned. Support was the other big topic.

2) What is missed?

Page curl effect still the top one (hope Ansca deliver’s it sooner – it is in their roadmap), more animations (widgets, path animation, effects), and (for the developers) interface builder.

Regarding the missing features, some need to be done by Ansca (page curl, new Comic SDK and embed video), some are already being in design mode (path animation, more widgets, etc), others will take longer (interface builder).

We received also a feedback from one user on the quality of the user guide and video tutorials (related mostly to English grammar and spelling). We will improve that. However, we ask your patience and support helping us to improve our materials. Any time you see something wrong, let us know and we will update it.

Thanks again for your support and partnership! Besides the suggestions, these are some topics we are evaluating for version 1.6 and above: path animation, in-app purchase, random/alternative actions and multi-language projects. If you need to pick 1-2 most wanted, which ones should be?