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“Who are you” Survey

Most of you have received an invitation to fill out another quick survey on who are you, what are you doing with Kwik and what are your needs for future versions. If you want to tell us and did not received the invitation, here goes the link: https://app.icontact.com/icp/sub/survey/take

As usual, we are going to publish the results here (the good and the ugly) in a few days. Meanwhile (as we do not ask for your email/name), if you are the person who wrote the comment below, please let us know via support@kwiksher.com (you don’t need to pay again until we announce version 2, which is really far to happen):

“frustrated that I just purchased the extension, and the following week you come out with an upgrade, that has features that I would like to be able to upgrade to without repurchasing the extension!”

For now, keeping answering and send your ideas. The current list is pretty good and can be even better with YOUR input.

Thanks again,


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