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What’s next?

You may have already download or read about it (newsletter went out few hours ago). Version 1.4 is already live and brings a few (but important) updates.

Fact is we would love to add more “stuff” there but, due the current interface limitation, we simply couldn’t. However, the new button system prepares the way for new kinds of interactions, you will see in version 1.5.

Below, a quick glimpse of the new interface:

Although we are not disclosing any new feature yet, you can see that it less cluttered, with features categorized. This approach (we hope) will enable us to add more resources, simplifying the way you access them.

Besides the new interface, the main topic for 1.5 is animation! We are adding a series of pre-made components to speed up your process, as well as bringing new ways to animate objects. Of course the upcoming version will come with other tricks and requested features.

In a few days we will show off a little more. There is still time to propose features. List for v1.5 is almost closed but, there is always space for good things.

Saying that, if you are not a paid customer yet, pay attention the introductory price of US$49.99 ends with the month of July. In August, Kwik price goes up to US$79.99.


  • Bravo once again Alex! Coming from someone who’s seen first hand how hard you work on this, let me just say thanks. You’re making something that was tough, easy. Months of work are now days. The challenge for me now is to worry only about making my work look great. I don’t have to think too much about the coding. You’ve handled it. 😉

  • So if I get the introductory one would the updates come with that. I wasn’t sure if it meant I would then have to purchase the next version…???
    I don’t know if it is possible or if it has been asked for but I would be interested in seeing a screen that moved when you turn it.

    • Patti, updates till version 1.9 are free with the introductory price. Can you provide more details on what means “seeing a screen that moved when you turn it”?

    • It makes sense but, sensor control is not coming anytime soon. However, this is something you could extend by yourself using the samples from Ansca’s website.

  • I just ordered my photoshop upgrade, so as soon as that gets here I’ll get going. I’ve got a lot of the art done and am looking forward to this project. I’ll check out Ansca’s website when I get to that page down the road. Thanks.

  • Thanks Alex. Butterfly Counting is live! Here are a few codes for those interested in taking a look at what Kwik can do. When you open iTunes, there’s a “redeem” button on the top right corner. Use the code there.



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