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Addressing 31 suggestions and feedback from Kwik Survey – Part 2

This post concludes the list of suggestions and feedback that came from our survey. Enjoy!

17) “A page flip animation and timers would be great. I would also love to try Kwik for apps (native UI stuff).”

Page flip has been much harder to implement than expected. Ansca is working on a way to implement it natively and we believe this is going to be the best way to have it. Native UI is in the future list. Fact is native UI is still in its first day with Corona. The current implementation, in our opinion, is not yet 100% ok, with several components being missed and not very stable yet.

18) “I just used the trial version. I felt something else is missing, may be more features, most of all for comics, such as audio and interaction functions.”

Comics projects are on holding until the next Comic SDK from Ansca comes to life. As the survey showed this is the least required feature, we are putting our development focus on the Books projects part. More on Comics in Q3.


19) “Ran into problems when I installed v 1 and haven’t yet had time to revisit it.”

Take your time. We have fixed and implemented several new stuff since version 1.


20) “The concept of this product is very nice. It is very happy if we can handle variables, conditions, and other actions without writing code like http://ixedit.com/

Logic and variables are in the (long-term) feature list. The more you add it, more related to developers the product will be. Currently our focus is to enable designers and illustrators to be able to produce their own apps.


21) “Haven’t been able to actually use it yet since I don’t have Photoshop CS5 (I’m still at CS4).”

We tried to make CS4 compatible but the differences in the XML implementation made it almost impossible. Being a small team, we had to take the decision to put our focus on more features for CS5 instead.


22) “Add button for play reverse sprite animation!”

We will add that in a near future version. With will come with the new “button system”, which will allow users to add more than one action per button.


23) “App developping is time consuming and client want it now. Kwik is one answer for this.”

Wow! Appreciate the comment!


24) “I’d like to build an app that allows me to update items within the app with RSS feeds or xml.”

Not coming anytime soon, sorry! There are dozens of wanted features in front of this.


25) “I’m days away from submitting. Thanks to Alex’s help on tech support. Can’t wait to create games. I love this extension, makes my life easier so I can concentrate on what I love to do!”

Thanks for such kind words, and let us know when you publish!


26) “You are doing an excellent job and the very rapid response to service is most appreciated.”

At your service. Your success is our success!


27) “Independent platform – I need a platform independent from Photoshop since I don’t use Photoshop as my illustration program. I would like to be able to simply use my existing JPEG, MP3, and text files.”

We would love to launch a non-dependable product. Unfortunately, being a small team, we cannot do that at this time.


28) “I would like a rate this app popup. Also, I would like to make buttons to allow the creation of an empty function in the code.”

Suggestions added to the feature list. For the first one, we need Corona to be able to do that (which is not the case at this time). For the second one, more details would be appreciated: do you want to add a code/function for a button? An event?


29) “Currently having some bugs on the Windows platform. Will write some report on that on the forum later. Looking forward to use the next updates.”

Send the bugs to us (preferable with instructions on how to reproduce them) and we will fix them.


30) “Let me add physics and more using Kwik. While multiple products are nice, one easy solution would be best.”

We agree with that sometimes the “one size fits all” approach is the best one. But we don’t think this is the case here. Adding physics is more related to gaming (you need also logic behind) and our target audience is mostly illustrators and designers.

31) “When I have bought it, I plan to use it for interactive books, with some animation. I’d love more animation features (paths, ease in/out etc) and adding actions to sprites.”

More animation is coming in the next releases. Easing is already available since version 1.2. Action to sprites is something that we plan to introduce soon.


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  • I think Alex has created a great tool and some of the issues he mentions are on our communication thread and high level for us to deliver on so we can all benefit from the ease of use of Kwik and the power and simplicity of Corona.

    Thanks all for the great feedback and Alex for extending our 3rd party tool ecosystem with a great tool.


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