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More updates sooner… Or not?

With 1.2 delivered, we are taking a moment to learn more what our users really wants us to prioritize for the next updates. As most of you know, we have an open forum via email, Twitter and the forums, however we are planning to receive a massive amount of information to take best decisions. Saying that, we invite you to check our first “Kwik Survey”, available at http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22CJJ5T7H62. When we close this questionnaire, in the next days, we will have a better view of who you are, and what is more important for you. Thanks for doing that!

On the same topic, you have noticed that our version updates (not the small ones fixing bugs) have been delivered, in average, every 20 days. This is not common for a new product but we are doing our best to bring features that are impacting your development process. For some of you, this timeframe is enough, for others, new features are important EVERY week! For this second group of users, I would like to say that the “delay” is mostly because we are trying to give you back more for your money. Every update is bringing not one or two main features, but a bunch of new stuff. Our policy is to charge again only major versions (version 2, 3, and so on) so, the fastest we deliver 1.3, 1.4 till 1.9, the sooner you will need to pay again. And this bring a “conflict”: faster updates = more features = v2 sooner = upgrade fee!

We have a good number of BIG things to add in the next releases and the question for you is: do you want to see them FASTER than monthly (best for your projects) or 20-30 days per updates are ok (best for your money)?

Lastly, if you are using (or planning to use) Kwik in a trial basis, enjoy the introductory price as it will change to the regular price when we launch v1.5, which will bring a new interface and much more resources.

Again, thanks for your support!


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