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What is coming? A brief roadmap.

As promised, we would like to share with you our plans for future releases. We have received (and hope to keep receiving) lots of feature suggestions and, being a small team yet, we need to make the right choices.

Clearly we have two main groups of users, with different needs and requests .Internally we call them designers and coders.

Designers want more control on animations and interactions.  Their requests are, in general, related to more animation types, new page transitions and audio controls. Most of them are using Kwik to create interactive books or magazines.

Coders, generally non-professional developers or designers with development experience, want more features, variable and logic controls, physics, and UI mockup tools. Currently they use Kwik mostly to create comics or to mockup games.

With such different kind of users, our decision is to keep our roots and prioritize the target audience we defined while building Kwik: the plugin, at least for now, is oriented to designers and illustrators, with no development background. Professional features (UI components, physics, logic, etc) are still in our radar but not for anytime soon. Unfortunately this is the trade-off we have to live with. Complex features bring complexity to users. Creative people is the majority of our audience and they are not willing to spend much time learning how to create logical conditions or to setup physics, until they have their basic needs covered. It is our responsibility to make complex tasks into something not that complex but, as mentioned above, there are some more important requests to do at this moment.

Coders oriented features may come in future versions but for now, these are the top main implementations we are working:

– CS4 compatibility: many designers are still using the previous version of Photoshop. We expect to include them in our community of users – more users, more word of mouth, more sales, more people working with us, you got the idea, right? Our team is working on ways to make this happen soon, however, preliminary tests were not the ones we expected (we do not want to cut features). We will keep you posted on the progresses.

– New animation modes: zoom, rotate, looping, path animation, etc. These are main requests from our current users, and are our main priority for now;

– Performance and interface: with so many features to add, we are going to need to re-write part of our code to improve performance. With that, expect changes in the interface too;

– Book related features: new page transitions will come, as well as bookmarks;

– Comic related features: this is still under discussion. As of today, Kwik builds on top of Corona Comics SDK. It is our understanding Ansca is working on a new SDK. If it comes, we are going to build on top of it and provide full compatibility;

– Business features: we need your opinion on features like Facebook integration or in-app purchase. Are they critical for your projects?

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know already we share our development progresses there. Keep posted for future announcements and please, share your comments, stories, and projects with us and your fellow designers friends. If you built a great app using Kwik, let us help you promoting it at our premises too!

If you have a different opinion, or any other suggestion, feel free to reply here. The more you request, easier to us to deliver.

If you are a coder, remember we are working hard to improve the quality of code Kwik delivers. Making it simpler, helps you to speed up your learning and improve your projects.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback. Thanks for your support,

Alex, and the Kwiksher team


  • I’m so thankful that I found you and Corona. I pretty much gave up on learning Objective-C. It just wasn’t sinking in. I am a designer and illustrator and have several projects in the works.

    One of the things I’d like to see is what I believe is called the Ken Burns zoom. It’s like animation but all you’re doing is allowing us to zoom in on the page or pan across the page to give the illusion of animating the page. I’d love to see this function. Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat ibook does this well.

  • Creating a link to a video – generally hosted on a remote CDN, Amazon S3 for example. Should be able to specify artwork to act as a preview/button and clicking on it would launch the associated URL using the native device video player.


  • Are you planning to add draggable objects? I don’t mean objects with “physics” that make it bounce around, rather the Reader can move a draggable object to a new location then it stays there. (Maybe it’s already a feature but I didn’t see it.) Thanks.

    • Yes, draggable objects are in the future feature list. They will come up probably in 1 or 2 releases more (we are planning to revamp the interface with several new options in version 1.5).

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