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New horizons for designers and illustrators

Less than 3 weeks ago we launched a revolutionary plugin for Photoshop. With Kwik, creative users can create animated comics and interactive books direct from their comps. Yesterday, we announced v1.1 with features that bring even more possibilities to our users. In fact, most of the new features come from direct feedback from our yet small but passionate community of users.

The list includes:

  • Audio: Any kind of button can have optional audio attached to. For example, Go To Page buttons can play a “click” sound before going to other pages. Even more important, Page Audio offers now controls for looping and delay. This is a feature requested from several users, wanting better control of when and how their background audio plays.
  • Buttons: 2 new Button Actions were included: Go To URL and Play Video (both names self-explanatory, right?). Go To Page action was improved with sound option (see above) and with transitions.
  • Video: One of our top users request, now you can add video to your projects (local or remote videos can be add). Select a layer, attach the button action Play Video, and inform the path to the video file. Simple as that!
  • Animation: A new animation type was included: Motion Clip. If you have animations in different files (or prefer this kind of animation than sprite sheets), just inform the first file and Kwik does the rest for you. We added Easing effects to all animation too, making transitions smooth.
  • Update Alert: Some users are not following us at Facebook or Tweet, or they do not remember to check for updates. The Update Alert feature verifies if new updates are available every time Kwik starts. It is much easier now to have the latest build.
  • Faster, with better memory handle books: We made several improvements in the code created by Kwik. Your final app is going to be faster and less subject to memory issues. And if you are adventurous, we cleaned up the code too, making it easier to follow, if you decide to expand your development skills in Lua.
  • Bug fixing: Yes, we fixed some bugs too! Thanks for bringing them. Your support helps us to deliver a better product.

More video tutorials about these new features will be available soon. For a quick overview of the list, check and subscribe our YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/kwiksher.

Next posting is going to be about our roadmap. Meanwhile, keep sending us your comments, suggestions and bugs. We know there is lot to do still but, for while, enjoy v1.1 and let us know what you are doing with our product!

Thanks again,

Alex, Founder

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